HOW MANY TEA DRINKERS ARE THERE IN AMERICA? U.S. Tea Market – Statistics & Facts Published by Emma Bedford, May 11, 2020 / Statista Tea is the second most widely consumed beverage worldwide, following only water. In 2018, global tea production amounted to about 5.8 million metric tons. China, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia […]

We won!

We won! Our Gold Tea has been crowned ‘top of the pots’ in the Guardian’s Great British Tea Test. Top of the pots Yorkshire Tea (£2.79 for 80 teabags) A no-nonsense brew, befitting a county that gave us Geoffrey Boycott and Sean Bean. Like a Yorkshire terrier: feisty but reliable and surprisingly domineering. 4/5 Cornish […]

2019 The San Francisco Coffee Festival®

The festival was an immersive coffee experience at the Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason Center For Arts & Culture. The coffee culture was alive with more than 90 curated roasters and exhibitors. Sample coffee concoctions, teas and related products for a party atmosphere with live musical entertainment. Ironically billed as a “Coffee Festival”, we found […]

The Importance of Pairing Tea with Food

It’s just as important to pair the right tea with your food as to pick the right wine with your dinner. Choosing the optimal tea can transform a simple meal into a memorable dining experience. Although there are several types and flavors to choose from in the world of tea, there are guidelines you can follow…

Find Out What Makes Kenya Tea Superior

If you drink tea, surely you’ve heard of Kenyan tea. You might wonder what’s all the hype is about. The popularity of Kenyan tea is not just about the taste. There is more to this tea than just something to drink. Here’s the lowdown on Kenyan tea…

Why Use A Ceramic Teapot For Tea

When deciding on a teapot for tea, it’s not a matter of which teapot is best, it’s a matter of which type of teapot is most suitable for you. Every teapot possesses unique features and has serious advantages over other types…

The Basket-Style Infuser For a Full-Bodied Taste

A tea infuser is great for bringing out the flavor in loose leaf tea leaves. With it, you can make your own cup of full-bodied tea – just the way you like it. And all without too much work…

5 Reasons Why Loose Leaf Tea Is Better Than Bagged Tea

Have you ever wondered why people take the time to prepare loose leaf tea? Why go through the ritual when there are tea bags that can cut down the time it takes to enjoy it? But the fact is, loose leaf preparation has many great benefits…

3 Powerful Cancer-Fighting Teas

Tea has been widely used throughout history as a treatment for a vast number of health conditions. Studies have shown that drinking tea lowers your risk of developing diseases. And there is no disease more worrying that cancer…

6 Reasons Why You Should Drink Tea Everyday

Although many people enjoy drinking coffee in the morning, tea is an excellent replacement that can either calm you or wake you up when you need that extra push. Basically, tea is a healthy and soothing substitute you can drink all…

2017 Tea Festival Round Up

After our first year’s trials, we went West Coast tea fest shopping and came back with quite the haul. Southwest Tea Fest – Las Vegas, NV. We started back at our roots with the 2017 SWTF. This year, a two day event, was held at the lucky dragon casino in Las Vegas…

Why We Love Creamed Honey

Did you know that creamed honey is known as la crème de la crème? Oftentimes, creamed honey is sold at a premium price due to its thickness, unique taste and aroma, and nutritional benefits. Many parents enjoy creamed honey because its thickness prevents spills and messes…

Top 5 Most Popular Types of Teas

Although all teas come from the exact plant called Camellia Sinensis, there are hundreds of  unique kinds of teas, with their own exotic taste, appearance, and aroma. The most popular types of tea today are green, white, oolong…

Tea Smoking: A Unique Flavor Enhancer

Are you looking for a simple way to add a unique flavor to your food? Tea smoking is a centuries-old culinary technique known to add a delicate smoked flavor to chicken, pork, seafood and other meats. Food smoked with tea leaves originated in ancient China, where a mixture of tea leaves and uncooked rice would […]

Should You Squeeze Tea Bags? – The Debate Is Over

Should You Squeeze Tea Bags? – The Debate Is Over One of the most common questions that we hear at Finest English Tea is: “Should you squeeze your tea bags before you drink?” And while there are many pools of thought in regards to this question, most tea aficionados would agree that you shouldn’t squeeze your […]

Loose Leaf Tea Vs. Tea Bags

Loose Leaf Tea Vs. Tea Bags At Finest English Tea, we offer a multitude of tea varieties in both loose leaf teas and tea bags. However, many tea drinkers are unsure of which form to choose based on their teaware, lifestyle and overall preferences that they have. While the difference between loose leaf tea vs […]

How To Make English Tea

How To Make English Tea While there are many ways to enjoy a cup of tea around the world, perhaps none is more famous than a proper cup of English tea. It’s no secret that the British love their tea and throughout both history and in recent years, tea has played a large role in […]

High Tea Vs. Afternoon Tea

What’s The Difference Between High Tea And Afternoon Tea? If you’re a regular tea drinker, chances are you might have heard a reference to the terms “afternoon tea” and “high tea.” More often than not, the phrases are used interchangeably because many people mistakenly believe that there’s no difference between the two. However, though both […]

The Health Benefits of Tea

The Health Benefits of Tea No matter what the season, tea is always be a tasty choice of beverage. But its benefits go beyond taste and refreshment. The rich taste and fullness of each cup of tea is high in nutrients, antioxidants, and offers a number of additional health benefits. Here are the top health […]

Southwest Tea Fest | Explore tea through the Southwest

Southwest Tea Fest | Explore tea through the Southwest The dust has settled and Nevada’s earth, admittedly a few months later, has been washed from the car. We were reluctant as we had such fun at the inaugural Southwest TeaFest in Las Vegas on February 27th.   It was an eventful day where the 600+ […]

Match Made: Tea and Honey

Match Made: Tea & Honey An apiary hidden among a traditionally industrial area is not where you’d expect to find John McDonald’s hobby turned family business, San Francisco Honey&Pollen Co. People come from all over the greater bay area, and further, to experience something rarely offered, a chance to safely submerge themselves in a bee’s […]

Teas From Around the World

Teas From Around the World Though there is little definitive evidence to suggest where exactly tea was first discovered, most historians believe that it was first consumed accidentally by an ancient Chinese Emperor. And, while the origins of tea may begin in ancient China, the evolution of the beverage and how it is consumed has […]

U.S. Demand for Quality Tea Skyrocketing

U.S. Demand for Quality Tea Skyrocketing   While tea has always been the preferred beverage of choice amongst many nations across the globe, it has always taken the backseat to the likes of coffee, soda and many other beverages in the U.S.   However, a recent study seems to contradict the idea that Americans do […]

The Relationship Between Sugar and Caffeine in Tea

The Relationship Between Sugar and Caffeine in Tea   People are drawn to tea for a variety of reasons. The taste, the social element and of course the caffeine. However, caffeine is well known for, at times, leaving somewhat of a bitter taste in your mouth.   The higher the concentration of caffeine in your tea, […]

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