Founders Ian and Lisa Geddes have always been passionate about tea. Ian, a British transplant to the West Coast some 30 years ago began bringing his favorite brand with him when he emigrated. Personal stocks were replenished during holidays and from care packages sent from home. To this day, the Geddes’ always maintain a fresh stock, and visitors to their household are still greeted with a piping hot cup of Ringtons, and over the years their blends have been greeted with much acclaim.


It was during the annual sortie to the Ringtons headquarters in Newcastle, England to refill the personal caddy that opportunity arose by way of a chance meeting with Managing Director, Simon Smith, to share the iconic Ringtons brand with discerning American tea drinkers.


This opportunity, coupled with ambition and passion, led to the forming of our company, “Finest English Tea, Inc.” After almost a year of fine-tuning the import side to comply with strict Federal standards, Ringtons Premium Teas are now available, through us, and this website.


Ringtons are not your average company, and their tea is not merely average either. Their attention to every detail from selection to blending to tasting to packaging is superlative, and it results in an exceptional, top-shelf, gourmet product.


So relax and enjoy a cup of exceptional, refreshing, and typically British tea.




  • Traditional 100's

    Our Traditional Blend contains some of the best teas produced from around the world, selected predominantly from our long standing relationships with tea producers in East Africa and India. Our expert tea blenders taste and choose each individual tea that goes into the blend, ensuring you always receive that unique, refreshing and lasting flavour that makes Ringtons Traditional our most popular blend.

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  • Breakfast Blend 100's

    The best Assam & Kenyan  teas are only available for a few months of the year when their flavour is full, malty and strong. Over time these teas can become bitter and that's why we specially seal the teas used in this blend on the estates, to ensure that their best and freshest flavour is retained. Breakfast produces a strong, malty and smooth flavour.

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  • Decaf 50's

    Caffeine naturally occurs in all tea leaves as they grow on the tea bushes. We use a carefully controlled decaffeination process which ensures that the caffeine is removed from the dried tea leaves (retaining less than 0.2%), but vitally the natural health benefits remain - as well as the true tea flavour.

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    Gold 100's

    DID YOU KNOW: Our Gold was named top in The Guardian's Great British Tea Test 2019. Click here to read their verdict. Also known as Kenyan Gold. Please note: the blend of this tea has not changed.   Unlike some traditional teas, Kenyan teas are produced in ways that make them perfect for teabags - fast infusing and full of flavour. Tea grown east of the Rift Valley is widely considered to be some of the best quality tea in the world, that's why our Gold blend is sourced exclusively from this region. We specially seal these teas on the estates to ensure they are as fresh and flavourful as possible, producing a fuller, smoother taste. It's what Ringtons are good at.

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