5 Reasons Why Loose Leaf Tea Is Better Than Bagged Tea

5 Reasons Why Loose Leaf Tea Is Better Than Bagged Tea

Have you ever wondered why people take the time to prepare loose leaf tea? Why go through the ritual when there are tea bags that can cut down the time it takes to enjoy it?

But the fact is, loose leaf preparation has many great benefits. In fact, even more so than bagged teas.

You’ve heard it from tea aficionados. Let’s go through the 5 reasons why loose leaf tea is better than bagged tea.

1) Loose Leaf Tea Has Double The Health Benefits

Loose leaf tea consists of larger leaves, which means it retains more of its polyphenols and catechins.

What this means is that you more of tea’s cancer-fighting, cholesterol and blood pressure lowering, and weight loss benefits. It’s also a bigger boost to your immune system.

Bagged tea naturally has less of these benefits. Loose leaf tea will always have more since the leaves are bigger. What you get is a healthier cup of tea and more double the benefits you’d get in bagged tea.

To get maximum benefits, make sure to brew your loose leaf tea within to 6 to 8 months of buying.

2) Loose Leaf Tea Has A Fresh Smell And Richer Flavor

Bagged tea contains tea dust or fannings. Loose leaf tea leaves, with a greater surface area, means you can steep out more natural oils out of them. More natural oils mean a richer flavor and a stronger and fresh aroma.

With loose leaf tea, you get a fresh and clean taste, and, depending on the type of tea, a sweet, floral, earthy, floral, or orange taste as well. You can taste the subtle nuances of the tea depending on its variety.

With a loose-leaf version of Earl Gray tea, you get a more distinct orange bergamot taste.

Bagged tea does appear to be a little weaker than loose leaf tea due to the size of the leaves contained in loose leaf tea.

3) You Can Enjoy A Wide Variety Of Loose Leaf Teas

There are four main types of tea: white, green, black, and oolong. But each of these can yield many varieties.

With bagged tea, you are limiting yourself to what’s on supermarket shelves. With loose leaf tea, you get to explore more varieties of your favorite type of tea.

Worldwide, different cultures cultivate and process them, and a greater portion of tea produced internationally is in loose leaf form.

This means a great deal to tea lovers. More varieties of tea mean more pleasures derived from drinking tea!

4) With Loose Leaf Tea, You Can Control The Strength Of Your Tea

Another great thing about loose leaf tea is that you can control the strength of your tea. If you like your tea strong, you can add more leaves to create a stronger cup of tea.

Here’s another thing, you can also create your own taste by mixing different varieties of loose leaf teas.

5) Loose Leaf Tea Is Of Superior Quality

According to Steve Schwartz, the founder and CEO of Art of Tea, there’s a world of a difference in quality between loose-leaf tea and bagged teas you find in grocery stores.

Just as a bag of potato chips, the chips at the top of the bag are the whole, unbroken pieces. They represent loose-leaf tea. The crumbs at the bottom represent the dust fanning that’s used in bagged teas you find in the grocery.

So, if you want a full-bodied taste in your daily cup of tea, try more loose leaf teas.

Remember, tea that’s young and fresh is good quality tea, and loose leaf tea can also be stale if it’s been stocked in the warehouse too long. Therefore, be specific about wanting fresh loose leaf teas.

Of course, not all bagged teas are created equal. There are premium teas that you won’t normally find in your local supermarket and are of a higher quality than supermarket variety teas.

Choose wisely, and choose only the best and freshest loose leaf teas or bagged teas.

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