As our business has expanded over the years, our supply base has also necessarily expanded – we now buy from over 200 tea estates and smallholder organisations – but our ethical principles have remained. Members of our buying team and our Company Directors regularly visit the tea gardens we source from so we can get to know them better and more fully understand the challenges they face. These visits also help our suppliers better understand our quality and ethical requirements; we select only the best teas for use in our blends and our long-term suppliers recognise and work with us to achieve this and good ethical practices at every stage of our supply chains.


We run and participate in development projects with key suppliers to help them consistently reach these standards but we all recognise that, as a relatively small player in the global tea industry, on our own, our influence is limited.  We are therefore active members of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) and are committed to only buy from tea estates and producer groups that are participating in the ETP Programme. ETP monitors social and environmental conditions on tea estates in all major tea producing regions.


ETP also brings together a number of tea companies, NGOs and international aid donors to implement projects aimed at tackling key sustainability issues within the tea industry; from reducing discrimination, to increasing understanding about wages within the tea industry, and adaptation to climate change.


We also buy certified Fairtrade tea.

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The Fairtrade consumer label guarantees producers get at least a base-line price for their produce and receive a premium ontop of the price for the googds which can be invested in community projects


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The ETP work with tea producers and companies at each end of the tea supply chain, helping to create a thriving tea industry that is socially just and environmentally sustainable



We have recently launched a new initiative, The Tea Growing Community Charitable Trust. This fund will go towards projects in the estates and small holder communities where we buy our tea



  • Traditional 100's

      Our Traditional Blend contains some of the best teas produced from around the world, selected predominantly from our long standing relationships with tea producers in East Africa and India. Our expert tea blenders taste and choose each individual tea that goes into the blend, ensuring you always receive that unique, refreshing and lasting flavour that makes Ringtons Traditional our most popular blend.  

  • Decaf 50's

      Caffeine naturally occurs in all tea leaves as they grow on the tea bushes. We use a carefully controlled decaffeination process which ensures that the caffeine is removed from the dried tea leaves (retaining less than 0.2%), but vitally the natural health benefits remain - as well as the true tea flavour.  

  • Breakfast Blend 100's

      The best Assam & Kenyan  teas are only available for a few months of the year when their flavour is full, malty and strong. Over time these teas can become bitter and that's why we specially seal the teas used in this blend on the estates, to ensure that their best and freshest flavour is retained. Breakfast produces a strong, malty and smooth flavour.  

  • Earl Grey 50's

      A classic Ringtons blend with delicate citrus notes of bergamot. We've chosen a milder Kenyan tea for this blend, rather than a traditional China tea which can sometimes be bitter. We specially seal the tea used in our Earl Grey at the tea estates, to lock in the freshness, then during blending we infuse the tea with natural bergamot oil to deliver a smooth, delicately flavoured tea.  


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