The Basket-Style Infuser For a Full-Bodied Taste

The Basket-Style Infuser For a Full-Bodied Taste

A tea infuser is great for bringing out the flavor in loose leaf tea leaves.

With it, you can make your own cup of full-bodied tea – just the way you like it. And all without too much work — all you have to do is insert the amount of tea you want, stick it into the infuser, and pour hot water over it.

Tea infusers come in a variety of styles. Be it in stick or ball form or perforated metal or wire mesh baskets.

For tea infusers — the larger the better

When choosing the size of infuser, it’s better to choose a larger size, enough to hold a 3 gram serving of tea leaves. Tea leaves need plenty of room, enough to grow and expand in size. More room is also needed for full circulation of the water, to create a proper infusion.

Also, there are some tea leaves that are larger and wider, which, a small strainer will make it harder to brew. When tea leaves are crammed into a small strainer, some do not get full exposure to water. This results in some tea leaves — especially those packed in the center — failing to unfurl.

The tea that’s produced is weak and not flavorful, which is an utter waste of perfect tea leaves.

Larger tea infusers are easier to clean

Larger tea infusers are also much easier to clean than smaller strainers, especially models that can hold at least 10 tablespoons of tea leaves.

Basket-style infusers create a superior quality cup of tea

Basket-style tea infusers are much larger and roomier than other tea infusers on the market. Larger basket style infusers mean more space for the tea leaves to unfurl and for the water to circulate, leaving no leaf dry.

Basket-style infusers have an opening measuring 2 inches or more which is easier to reach into to clean.

What makes these basket infusers so great is that they have no clunky moving parts — no clasps, clips, etc.

Basket-style infusers also have smaller perforations than other tea infuser models, which prevents the escape of the tiniest bit of tea leaves. Basket style infusers with a tightly woven mesh will keep the leaves within the infuser.

If you don’t like floating leaves in your cup of tea, like a lot of people, you’d appreciate this.

Stainless steel infusers are safe and won’t affect the taste of your brew

Stainless steel infusers will not change the taste of your tea. They also facilitate cleaning, as it’s easier to just tap out the used tea leaves to empty the infuser.

Ensure that the infuser is BPA free.

The market is saturated with various devices for making tea – from simple ones to the most lavishly priced ones.

If you’ve recently made the switch to loose leaf tea, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed by the options.

What you should know is that you don’t need a fancy schmancy device. You need something that is easy to use, easy to clean, made with safe materials, and fairly straightforward, like a basket-style infuser.

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