What our friends say…

Thank You!

“I have loved drinking Rington’s tea for many years. I was introduced to it by my husband’s family who were residents of Ashington, not far from Newcastle where Rington’s tea is made. I love the 2-cup bags, and drink at least a pint of tea every morning first thing. I drink the decaf in the afternoon. Both are terrific. Thanks for having outlets in the US. I no longer have to lug it through airports. Bless you all and thanks for this wonderful product.”

Vera Prior – Virginia 


“Great tea, great customer service, not sure what more one can ask for!? The breakfast blend is a wonderful daily tea and is delicious with milk.”

Zey O – OR

It’s Back!

“Happy to find our favourite British tea available in the States, delivered in two days with a free box of Earl Grey as packing material! Many thanks!”

Ben T. – MA

“We have reached a consensus and the Orange green tea is our favorite.
The excellent flavor of the green tea binds perfectly with the hints of orange.
The black teas were far superior then the store brands we are accustomed to.
And the northumbrian was exceptional! It took a bit to get the perfect timing on the brewing but it was well worth the hassle”

Mr.Review – Twitter, @Master_Free_ 

“Many thanks for the Kenyan Gold. I had a mug early this morning. Delicious! One of the best black teas I’ve ever tasted. Great start to my day. I plan on trying your other offerings including the green tea.”

Barry – Milpitas, CA

“The peppermint is the best medicine I’ve tried for upset stomach after eating spicy foods!”

Song K. Lee – Owner at K & D Market, San Francisco

“In my opinion Ringtons really has something special here with the range of teas we tried. There really isn’t anything better than brewing a cup or pot of tea, watching the water slowly turn to that perfect shade of golden brown and smelling the steam come off of the top. These teas were a delight for the senses not just visually but in taste and smell. They were so fresh and beautiful, a real treat here in the United States. I also appreciated that Ringtons offer such a wide range of teas, and I can honestly say that none lacked in quality and freshness. Each cup and pot I brewed was like sipping a tiny taste of Britain. I highly recommend Ringtons for that perfect British tea.”

Jackie – http://www.anglotopia.net/author/jackie/